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Basically Internet was called network of the networks, now these small networks have been connected with devices which are working in homes, offices, schools, hospitals and everywhere. We use these devices to perform surveillance, like motion detection, tracking people.
A extended theory of Internet of Things (IoT) proposes making the association between all living and non-living things so that a normal individual don't need to sign into the PC to exchange information and to get associated. The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a major popular expression in the tech industry in past couple of years and it appears the idea has slowly begun to clear to the world.
With the demand of Internet of Things (IoT) items expanding at an exponential rate, developing nations like Pakistan have a chance to exploit this pattern. While our innovation industry has seen a huge decay throughout the years, late IoT-based innovative work is easing back beginning to pick up footing and is promising to get speculations from home and abroad.

IoT Council Member

IoT Council is a bottom-up IoT ecology accelerator with a large number of early innovators, startup and SME as members. Members exchange information about platforms, applications and services on the Council list.

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Global Experts group on Internet of Things (IoT)

"I was invited to represent Pakistan ( As CEO IoT-Center CIT ) in a Global Conference on Internet of Things ( IoT) as a Key Note Speaker in Belegum from 6-8th June 2017"
Ammar Jaffri
CEO IoT-Center CIT

"Proud Moments for me to represent Pakistan in Barkely University USA ( March 2017 ) as a member of Global Experts group on Internet of Things (IoT). This group has started celebrations to make IoT Strategies and Policies at a Global level."

Ammar Jaffri
CEO IoT-Center CIT